Questions about the Safari Zone event

When will the postponed events be rescheduled?

We do not have anything to announce at this time about rescheduled events. Stay tuned for more information, we will update our events website as soon as we have new details.

Are other events affected?

No, only the August 5 (Copenhagen and Prague) and August 12 (Stockholm and Amsterdam) events are postponed. No other scheduled events are affected including the event scheduled for Yokohama, Japan on August 14 and the events scheduled for September 16 in France, Spain, and Germany.

Are you providing compensation?

We will not be offering compensation for arrangements people may have made to attend the event. While the event is postponed - as a special surprise to players in the area - some rarely seen Pokémon will appear in certain European cities for a brief time. Keep your eyes peeled!

Other questions?

If your question is not addressed above, please submit a request to our support team.