Adventure Sync

Track your distance traveled, earn Buddy Candy, and hatch Eggs while your phone is in your pocket

Adventure Sync is an optional mode that will allow you to record your kilometers traveled even when the Pokémon GO app isn’t open. You’ll be able to stay active and earn Buddy Candy or hatch Eggs without significantly impacting your device’s battery life. When your Buddy Pokémon has found Candy or when an Egg is about to hatch, you can enable to receive a push notification. As an added bonus, you’ll get weekly fitness reports to track your progress as well as earn rewards for reaching weekly milestones.

Note: Adventure Sync is only available for Trainer Levels 5 and above

How to activate Adventure Sync

To use this feature, you’ll have to always enable location permissions and connect to either Apple Health or Google Fit.

  1. Tap the Main Menu button.
  2. Tap the Settings button.
  3. Tap on Adventure Sync. You’ll also be prompted to grant permissions for Pokémon GO to access your Apple Health or Google Fit data.

To disable Adventure Sync, just revisit the settings page and uncheck Adventure Sync.

Weekly Fitness Report

With Adventure Sync activated, you’ll also gain extra insights into your fitness progress. Every week, you will receive a fitness report to see your activity statistics and make progress towards earning bonus items when you reach your weekly goals. You can also view your current stats by navigating to your Trainer Profile.

Having Adventure Sync Issues?

Data is out-of-date or incomplete

  • There may be a delay of up to several hours to sync your steps, so you may not always see the most up to date data.
  • Your device’s power saver mode may disable the sensors required for Adventure Sync and may interfere with the functionality of this feature. Please disable your device’s power saving mode when using this feature.
  • Fitness data that is manually entered into Apple Health or Google Fit will not count towards your Adventure Sync progress.

Adventure Sync isn’t tracking any fitness progress

  • Make sure the device has the required sensors to track your distance and steps. Open the Google Fit or Apple Health App to ensure that your device is properly recording your fitness progress.
  • If you have an HTC One M8, your phone may be incompatible with Google Fit and you may be unable to use Adventure Sync.
  • Make sure that Pokémon GO is connected with Apple Health or Google Fit:
    • For Apple Health:
      • Open Apple Health
      • Tap on Sources
      • Under Apps, make sure that Pokémon GO is listed as a connected device
    • For Google Fit (may vary depending on device and OS):
      • Open your device’s Settings app
      • Tap on Google
      • Tap on Google Fit
      • Tap on Connected apps and devices and make sure Pokémon GO is listed as a connected device