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Viewing a Pokémon’s Summary

View and edit the details for each Pokémon.

To access your Pokémon’s profile:

  1. In Map View, touch the Main Menu 
  2. Touch Pokémon 
  3. Select a Pokémon to view from your list of Pokémon


Profile features:

  1. Pokémon’s CP
  2. Add Pokémon to your list of favorites
  3. Pokémon’s nickname (currently set to default)
  4. Touch to create a personal nickname that can only be seen by you
  5. Pokémon’s HP
  6. Pokémon’s type, weight, and height
  7. Candy and Stardust needed to Power Up and evolve
    Your inventory of Candy and Stardust appears, with the amounts needed to Power Up and evolve appearing below. In this example, the Trainer needs 600 Stardust and 1 Candy to power up this Pokémon.
  8. Pokémon’s moves
  9. Location and time the Pokémon was caught
  10. Menu
    • Add Pokémon to your list of favorites
    • Appraise
    • Transfer the Pokémon to the Professor
      You receive Candy in exchange for transferring a Pokémon. Be careful—you can’t get the Pokémon back after you’ve transferred it to the Professor.