Available items and your Bag

With the exception of Eggs, all items you’ve collected from leveling up and gathered from PokéStops will appear in your Bag.

Access your Bag  in Map View by touching the Main Menu .

You can also access your Bag during encounters.

Available items:

  • Poké Balls, for catching Pokémon. As you earn more XP, you’ll find more powerful Poké Balls.
  • Potions, for healing Pokémon that have taken damage.
  • As you earn XP and become a higher level Trainer, you may also find Berries, which can be used on Pokémon during encounters to make them easier to catch.

Your Bag can hold an inventory of 350 items. You will not be able to gather new items from PokéStops when your Bag is over the 350 item limit. You can lower your item inventory by discarding or using items.