Battle Parties

Bring your favorite group of Pokémon to battle
Note: This feature is currently in development. Some functionality may change. While in beta, Battle parties preferences will reset if you switch devices or reinstall the app.

Battle parties allow you to choose up to six Pokémon to quickly select for Gym and Raid Battles. You might have a favorite set of Pokémon that you always bring to battle with you, or maybe you have a few Pokémon that deal significant damage against Raid Boss Pokémon. Battle parties make selecting your preferred Pokémon fast and easy.

To create a Battle party:

  1. In Map View, touch the Main Menu button.
  2. Touch the Pokémon button.
  3. At the top of the screen, touch the Party tab.
  4. Touch the Create Party CreateParty.png button.

Once you have selected your Battle parties, join a Gym or Raid Battle to use them. Choose your party by swiping to the left over the recommended Pokémon list.